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Fantastic course. Learned new skills, identified some bad habits and most importantly now understand why as well as how. Thanks.

Cessna C206 N465CS

Sean Otoole, Truckee, California, USA.

Private pilot

Advanced Bush and Mountain flying course. CC Pocock with Dan Rice and the Bush Air C172

It was awsome, highly recomended!

Bush Air Cessna 172C N172A

Dan Rice, New Hampshire, USA

Private pilot

I was fortunate to take advanced flight training with CC. Before the training, I had not tested the limits of what my airplane could do. Now having taken the training, I have seen the limits and practiced at them with a very skilled instructor. CC teaches a number of valuable skills that could save your life someday, more importantly, he spends the time to make sure you are comfortable performing them. I came out of the training a much more confident, proficient, and safe pilot. I can't recommend CC's courses enough. I plan to train with him again in the future.

Cessna 170B N31928

David Knutson, Alaska, USA.

Private Pilot

Awesome experience getting to learn from CC. Pilots never stop learning and feel this is the best most applicable training Ive had. Thanks CC

Cessna 180 N9414C

Colby Swenor, Alaska, USA.

Private Pilot

Just finished the Advanced bush and mountain flying course with CC Pocock. Fresh off his Valdez STOL victory. This was by far the best training Ive ever had. If you have never taken this type of course and you fly in the mountains, you need to.

Cessna 170B N2750C

Nathan Foister, Alaska, USA.

Private Pilot


I did so many landings with so many instructors in Germany and the USA. "CC" was the only one teaching me stabilized approaches and exactly when I have to flare and of course how to make a perfect flare. Now I know how to make the fine tuning with my own airplane in Germany. All the other emergency training's were a big help to increase my skills. Thank you CC!

Bush Air Cessna 172C N172A

Raymond Reis, Germany

Private Pilot



I didn't think I could learn so much in so little time. The course was well organized and simple to understand each excercise before going and practicing. It may have helped me a bit to have a bit more time similar to the initial flight (but as a separate flight) so I could really get a good feel of the plane and its controls. I realized how valuable feeling the plane was during the exercises. I benefited tons but I feel like I could come back in 100-500 hours and learn more. I appreciated you adapting to my lack of experience and giving me a safe environment to learn. The conditions were challenging but it definitely added to my learning. Overall the food and experience was great and I would recommend this course to EVERY PILOT no matter how skilled. I would have loved to have had more days (not your fault) and been able to go to more off airport trails/ sandbars/roads. It would be great to have a follow up course which would elaborate and add onto the skills in this course. I hope to be back sometime.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Paul Nauleau, San Fransisco, California, USA

Private Pilot

Fantastic few days on CC's Backcountry flying course to iron out the gremlins, sharpen my skills and learn a whole lot of new ones, this time on the tailwheel. I really appreciated CC's patience (he needed quite a lot of LOL) and encouragement. Nice to see CC still on a mission to save lives from his new base in the Nevada desert, an excellent location for easy access to some truly spectacular backcountry flying.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Kat Tiefenthal, Jersey, UK

Private Pilot

Recently I took the Advanced Mountain and Bush flying course from CC. I have been flying for more than 35 years and yearly spend over 100 hours traveling through the Rocky Mountains in Canada, and I can now say I have the tools required to safely AND confidently conduct these flights. Highly recommend this training for pilots of all levels.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Mike Edgar, Clairmont, AB, Canada.

Private Pilot

This is a great course that really builds skills and confidence in a really fun and enjoyable way. CC does a super job of sharing his knowledge and skill at flying this plane and knows his aircraft intimately. I would highly recommend this course for pilots of all experience levels. I know that any pilot will finish this course having learned valuable and potentially life saving skills.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Chris Hunter, Australia.

Airline Transport Pilot

The training was good and I learned a lot of new things to control my airplane.

Bush Air Cessna 172C N172A

Tommy Anderson, Finland

Private Pilot

Interesting course that met all my expectations.

Bush Air Cessna 172C N172A

Per-Ake Pettersson, Finland.

Private Pilot

Thank you so much again for all your input and patience over the last few days. It is much appreciated. As a very green pilot with only about 130 hours total time, of which not even half of that is in my C210, this was definitely the best time and money I have invested on myself. Not only did you define my airplanes envelope safely with me but also taught me how to be "one with my airplane". I must be honest and admit that I was quite skeptical to do your course on such low hours but today I am much more proficient and know that it was the best thing I have done.

Cessna C210 ZS-TDK

Jeran le Roux, Vaalwater, Limpopo, South Africa

Private Pilot

Thank you CC for your passion and precision and willing to share with us! You took me up and explored the envelope of my C210 that I never knew. You taught me not to push the envelope because now I know the boundaries of the envelope! This course should be compulsory after each PPL license, even if you don't fly close to mountains, you will one day and will know how to react in unforeseen circumstances. This course taught me to be safe , precise and proficient. All the best in Nevada, South Africa has lost a very skilled aviator!!

Cessna C210 A2-ACU

Guillaume Knipe, Gabarone, Botswana.

Private Pilot

I agree with Guilaume and wondering how many pilots would have survived if they were able to do your tight canyon turn. You are a professional in what you teaching. Good luck and will see you soon in the US.

Beach Bonanza ZS-MYR

Joggie Prinsloo, South Africa

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced Bush and Mountain flying course. CC Pocock with Keja Rowe and the Bush Air C170B Bushplane trainer

The skills taught in this course made me a safer and more proficient pilot. CC was able to quickly identify my suboptimal habits and help me remove them. Being a competition-grade pilot himself, he taught me techniques that go beyond the standard training to take-off and land in extremely short distances. Additionaly, his overview of hazards present in bush and mountain environments cannot be praised enough.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Keja Rowe, San Jose,California, USA

Private Pilot

Excellent course. Be prepared for a range of raw experiences some taking you near the edge of your comfort zone but resulting in additional skills and many improvements with greater confidence.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Richard Brown

High Wycombe, UK

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced Bush and Mountain flying course. CC Pocock with Andreas Kjaer and the Bush Air C170B Bushplane trainer

The course was as hoped for. It was both a brush up but also adding techniques not previously taught - e.g. the technique of low level return after take-off. By experiencing the boundaries one will better know what is possible in emergencies and make you a safer pilot. Many valuable inputs to take back home when flying next time. Groundschool was well integrated with practical flying. I think every pilot should allow themselves to take part in this course - quite an experience. The course was also rather challenging with much to learn on the tailwheel part. Finally, the ultimate final with CC not only being a great personal instructor but also your chef. Cooking great meals three times a day makes it a unique experience. Thank you!

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Andreas Kjaer

Copenhagen, Denmark

Private Pilot


Bush Air - Advanced Bush and Mountain flying course. CC Pocock with Anna Kjaer and the Bush Air C170B Bushplane trainer



It was exactly what I was looking for being a pilot that doesn't have the possibility to fly as often as I would like and therefore not stay as proficient as I would like. It gave me a brush up on important techniques enabling me to be a safer and more proficient pilot and also it added some very amazing, difficult and fun aspects to flying - as with mountain flying, engine failure after take-off (teardrop turn) and flying in the stall. It had an optimal mix of ground school and flying, which enabled me to use the theory in the air. The course wasn't standardized - it really worked on individual weaknesses and therefor I feel more confident, skilled and proficient and safe. I learned a lot of new things. Also I know what to go work from here. Tailwheel was difficult, frustrating but also fantastic. And then the food and Grand Canyon tour was just perfect! I enjoyed it a lot overall, even though I also felt very challenged and non-proficient at times. Best Anna.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Anna Kjaer

Copenhagen. Denmark

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced Bush and Mountain flying course. CC Pocock with Rita Bowman and her C152 Aerobat

Excellent training! CC is an amazing pilot who was able to expose me to what my plane is capable of. Things I never imagined! Loved the course and my flying skills were honed by his patient and expert training.

Cessna 152 Aerobat N761YE

Rita Bowman, Boulder City, Nevada, USA

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced Bush and Mountain flying course. CC Pocock with Ben Miller and the Bush Air C170B Bushplane trainer

I came to this course to assess where my flying skills lie after an extended absence from flying. It accomplished much more than that at the conclusion of the course. I learned many techniques which had never been taught to me over the time I had been flying. One major learning experience from this was the low end of the speed range of the 170B. I never knew aircraft were capable of what I was taught by CC. This course should be required for the private certificate.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Ben Miller, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Private Pilot

Very good course. Learned plenty.

Piper PA20 ZS-CCX

Peter Cloete, Swartberg, South Africa

Private Pilot

During day one I thought I was going to sell my airplane and give up flying because of how badly I was flying. All my bad habits had to be broken and new safer habits instilled. After day two I was able to land my airplane safely on the numbers without seeing any instruments. I feel a safer, more confident pilot. However it will be for nothing if its not followed by rigorous practice.

Cessna 182 ZS-IAG

Max Kane-Berman, Middleburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

Amazing, build confidence and be safer.

Cessna 182 ZS-ILD

Warwick Mostert, Observatory, South Africa

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced Bush and Mountain flying course. CC Pocock with Ron Wallis and the Bush Air C170B Bushplane trainer

Great Course, everyone of any level should take this course. It made me a better pilot - more confident, proficient and most importantly I am a safer pilot because of this course.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Ron Wallis, Bensonville, Illinois, USA

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced Bush and Mountain flying course. CC Pocock with Peter Dutschle and the Bush Air C170B Bushplane trainer

Milne is incredibly skilled, enables Hobby-Pilots in shortest time to get aware of their weak-points and manage to train them quickly away. I learned the real flying behind the POH, besides he is a gifted Cook, he served us fresh cooked tasty meals. Whenever you have an opportunity to book a flying course with him, you must do it!

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Peter Dutschler, Hunibach, Switzerland

Private Pilot

Great info and tools to keep us safe.

Piper Cherokee 235 9J-BTL

Steve Hazell, Kitwe, Zambia

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced Bush and Mountain flying course. CC Pocock with Adam Hedges and the Bush Air C170B Bushplane trainer

Once again you made me a moreconfident pilo. The off airport landing was particularly exciting!

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Adam Hedges, Maun, Botswana

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced Bush and Mountain flying course. CC Pocock with Claudia Arens and the Bush Air C170B Bushplane trainer

CC's advanced flight training pushed me out of my comfort zone. Practicing advanced techniques made me more resilient to unusual flight situations. It made me a safer and more proficient pilot. Besides that, I had a lot of fun and I highly recommend this training to any pilot.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Claudia Arens, Bonn, Germany

Private Pilot

 Bush Air - Advanced flying course. CC Pocock with Michael Mah and his PA28

It was a truly a transformative experience. What we learned from you in such a short time made us much safer pilots. We discovered so many things about the performance capabilities of our machines, while sharing a special experience together as an aviation family. Thanks so very much and we look forward to learning even more someday. This was a great start. Practice, practice, practice!

Piper Cherokee PA28

Michael Mah, Pitsfield, Massachusetts, USA

Private Pilot

CC, thank you In 1 hour of flying with you, I feel much safer as a pilot. I recognize the actual limits of my airplane and feel significantly more confident in my ability to fly the airplane and handle it in unfamiliar attitudes. I recommend this training to any pilot, regardless of skill level, without reservation.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Noah Meyerowitz, Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA

Private Pilot


Excellent overall. You went way deeper into the effects of CG, stall performance on all aspects of take-off and landing tailwheel aircraft. Good techniques for partial power return to airport and flap usage on short airfields. Each lesson builds on the prior with a culmination of canyon flying.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

BW, North Carolina, USA

Airline Transport Pilot


I got a lot out of this course. Starting at ground zero on both tail wheel and general aviation aircraft. I absorbed greatly learning the theory, techniques and practical excersises in the C170B. Gret food, great drinks, Great company!

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

JC, North Carolina, USA

Airline Transport Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced flying course. CC Pocock with Jeff Pohl and his C170B after completeing the Advanced Flying Course

I have always pushed what I thought were the limits of my aircraft but found through this course that I was only pushing the limits of my knowlege and experience. With the skillful assistance od CC Pocock I have discovered the real limits. I have never felt so safe, confident and have a far better understanding of my aircraft. EVERY pilot no matter your skill level should take this course! Thank you CC!

Cessna 170B N4311B

Jeff Pohl, Milaca, Minnesota, USA

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced bush and mountain flying course. Frank Liu and "CC" Milne Pocock. Bush Air Cessna C170B Bushplane

An excellent course which covers many aspects of both bush flying and everyday GA. CC gives a concise approach to developing skills critical to safe flight and opens up new flying opportunities.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Peter Sheppard, Zimbabwe

Private Pilot

Kyle Fosso and his C170b after completing CC Pocock's advanced flying course.

Absolutely pushes your aircraft to the limits, so that you learn and do NOT crash under any circumstances. 1/2d my takeoff and landing, made me a safer pilot overall and made flying way way more fun!

Cessna 170B N2771C

Kyle Fosso, Washington State, USA

Private Pilot

This course should be taken by all pilots interested in flying safer and being confident in their personal abilities. It is absolutely the best investment I have made in my 45 years of flying. I wish I had taken this course many years ago. I personally have changed my entire flying technique, Thanks.

Cessna 172 N6078A

Jeff Snell, Minnesota, USA

Private Pilot

Great experience. Would like to do it again. I didn't know my airplane would do what CC showed us how to do.

Cessna 172 N6078A

Ken Mazac, River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

Commercial Pilot

Very educational course. Highly recomended to anyone.

Cessna 150 N5579E

Nic Stafford, Minnesota, USA

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced bush and mountain flying course. Frank Liu and "CC" Milne Pocock. Bush Air Cessna C170B Bushplane

It was such a unique and amazing experience to fly with CC in the Nevada desert and mountains. I totally enjoyed my stay here. I definitely am more confident and safer when flying after the training. The food was wonderful. CC is the best cook amoung pilots! For sure I will revisit this unique place and fly with CC again in th future. Thank you CC!

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Frank Liu, Florida, USA

Commercial Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced bush and mountain flying course. Steve Horychun and "CC" Milne Pocock. Bush Air Cessna C170B Bushplane

This was the most informative and exciting training ever. I would recomend this course to every pilot.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Steve Horychun, BC, Canada

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced bush and mountain flying course. Erik Weismann and "CC" Milne Pocock. Bush Air Cessna C170B Bushplane

The experience was great and I learned a lot. Of my almost 15000 flight hours, the 5 or so hours spent flying with you were some of the most important. I brought home a list of things to work on and I look forward to becoming a safer and more proficient pilot in my own airplane as a result of your course.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Erik Weismann, New Hampshire, USA

Airline Transport Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced bush and mountain flying course. Alfred Obermaier and "CC" Milne Pocock. Bush Air Cessna C170B Bushplane

Most efficient training I did in my aviation career. Essential learning's were: Ground effect, stall speeds, stabilized approaches, mountain landings and canyon turns.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Alfred Obermaier, Munich, Germany

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced flying course. CC Pocock and Karen Cadzin.  Cessna 170B Bushplane

This is my second round at this course with CC. First was two years ago in Barberton in South Africa in the C172 and now at CC's new US base in Cal-Nev-Ari (1L4) where this time I earned my Tailwheel Endorsement. Once again, the best training there is. I highly recommend combining the tailwheel endorsement with the course to get real world experience. Once again I walk away feeling I am a safer and more proficient pilot. Once again I received my FAA Flight Review through the wings program. This far exceeds any flight review. Thankyou for bringing yourself to the USA to give the outstanding training not found anywhere else. And if its not the training your here for, the meals are not to be missed! Thanks for a great experience!

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Karen Cadzin,

Shelter Island, New York, USA

Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor

Bush Air - Advanced flying course. CC Pocock and Jay Holt with his Maule M5.

Have had a lot of training in my 32 years as a pilot. This level of training has been one of the most informative and rewarding courses I have ever done. Amazing experience. "CC" has been an excellent instructor, amazing knowledge and most important able to successful share his knowledge to give you a better understanding of aircraft capabilities and safety! Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to be a safer and better pilot.

Maule M5 N999FT

Jay Holt, Moapa, Nevada, USA

Private Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced flying course. CC Pocock and Max Reynaud. Bush Air C170B N170V

A great course with no time wasted. Every minute of the flying is training. I really enjoyed discovering new techniques, boosting my confidence and improving my skills. I also feel safer and more proficient after this course. I am going home 100% satisfied and hope to come back.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Max Reynaud, France

Airline Transport Pilot

Bush Air - Advanced flying course. CC Pocock and Kyle Stone with his Cessna Hawk XP

Great training in all areas of advanced flight... with a focus on slow flight and maintaining control. Work with takeoffs and landing will improve my skills and safety. CC is a wonderful trainer and uses hi examples of mistakes made in the past so we can learn and not repeat them. A lifetime of backcountry flying experience is invaluable to all pilots!

Cessna 172 210hp Hawk XP. N45GV

Kyle Stone, Fruita, Colorado,USA

Private Pilot

Thanks for all. I will remember- "right rudder" and "stick back".

Sportsman ZU-VON

Dawie Erasmus, Groblersdal, South Africa

Private Pilot

This training should be compulsory to all pilots. It was amazing and we were very well looked after.

Jabiru 430 ZU-ETJ

Bart van den Berg, Kameeldrift, South Africa

Private Pilot

Excellent. There is stuff on this course I havent even heard about before. I am now much more confident in handling my airplane now.

Aeronca Sedan AR15 ZU-DAY

Cyril Strand, Cape Town, South Africa

Private Pilot

Great experience - highly recomended!

Decathlon ZS-SUC

Edge Bisset, Cape Town, South Africa

Private Pilot

Fantastic course. I learned more about my airplane in 3 days than in all the previous years of flying. EFT and I have developed a much more special relationship! Thanks CC!

Cessna C182 V5-EFT

Norman Green, Winhoek, Namibia.

Private Pilot

Eye-opener, which builds confidence and skill and lots of fun. A must for any pilot who wants to get to know his/her aircraft and how to operate it safely under any condition. I would do it agin if I buy another aircraft.


Kai Neckel Wellington, South Africa

Light Sport (NPL) Pilot

Excellent training by an absolute professional flying instructor with extraordinary skills and knowlege.

RV6 N244DW

Reinhard Uebel, Elands Bay, South Africa

Private Pilot

I am actually a gyro pilot and in my opinion not a very good fixed wing pilot, (until now). The 3 or 4 hours with CC gave me the confidence in the fixed wing that I needed. I feel I gained a hundred hours (or more) in the 3-4 hours. Thank you CC!

Cessna C177 ZS-IUE

Abrie le Roux, Somerstet West, South Africa

Private Pilot

Taught me a lot about my aircraft, its performance envelope and abilities. I had a lot of preconcieved idease about its capabilities and performance. My own self placed limits were challenged and modified with actual performance data in a safe manner and I never felt uncomfortable. It was an amazing experience and I cannot express enough in words the importance of doing this course. CC is an amazing pilot and very hands on with training. His knowlege of my plane and flying it was amazing to see and experience. Thank you!

JK05 Ekolot

Gunther Tonitz, Bellville, South Africa

Light Sport (NPL) pilot

Insane! Learned what my aircraft can really do. Very practical course making one a very much safer pilotall round, but specially in the dangerous low and slow envelope and in and around mountains. Highly recomended for new and old pilots alike!

Raven-2 (Zenair Zodiak 601) ZU-IAV

Nick Loubser, Franskraal, South Africa

Light Sport (National) Pilot & Instuctor

Dear CC, just a word of thanks for a magnificent training course. I learned so much about my own plane and about my own shortcomings. You really helped me to become a better and above all a safer pilot. I will not hesitate to recomend it to anybody. I am looking forward to prove to you on your next visit what I have learned.


Paul Ackermann, Wellington, South Africa

Private Pilot

Thank you CC. What an experience from a trainer who is so passionate about flying and who finds great pleasure passing on his knowlege to his students. I definately know my aircraft much better now.

Cessna C182 ZS-SSL

Francois Briers, Blouberg Strand, South Africa

Private Pilot

Definately a must for every pilot. Most enjoyable and extremely informative resulting in increased proficiency, safety and skill. The instructors skill is "top notch" and focusses on leaving the course attendee's with increased levels of safety in getting us all to standard!

Cessna C210 ZS-MXA.

Christie Coetzee, Wellington, South Africa

Private Pilot

600th pilot!

Fun and efficient training with the right balance of ground school and practical sessions. Lots of content won't be part of classic flight training but could prove to be vitally important in abnormal conditions. CC is not only a great pilot and instructor but also a very good cook!

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Daniel Riefer, Munich, Germany

Airline Transport Pilot

Thoughtful and practical curriculum, great balance of ground school and aircraft training. One of the most useful and important training sessions. In short time greatly improved my understanding and safe operation and limits of not only my aircraft, but have confidence and knowledge to better handle any aircraft. Thank you for hospitality, mentorship and camaraderie.

Cessna 185 N 185FF

Arlan Schmitz, Portales, New Mexico, USA

Private Pilot

Best flight training I ever had. Realized that I got taught a lot of wrong things in the past. Now I feel much more confident overall and especially in STOL operations which improved massively my landings and takeoff's and landing on the spot I actually aim for. Respect and confident flying near mountains and into valleys. Thanks for all that.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Jorn Berneburg, Mainz, Germany.

Commercial pilot

Bad Ass!!! Amazing class. Learned what my aircraft is actually capable of. I will be returning for more advanced flight training. Thanks CC.

Cessna 150 N45454

Brandon Rogers, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Private Pilot



I am a fresh owner of a proper bushplane. I was looking around for courses where I could improve my tailwheel flying proficiency. I have found CC Pocock's Bush Air site and reading through different reviews I was sure that I had found the right place. I have traveled across the globe to Cal-Nev-Ari (USA) Bush Air Base and definitely it was worth it. I have practiced tailwheel short field take offs and landings, low level and emergency flying and landings in severe crosswind conditions and mountain and canyon flying. Including landings on a mountain road. I was able to identify my weak spots and bad habits I need to work on. This training was for me a true eye opener. We have also enjoyed with my wife CC's hospitality and easygoing personality throughout the course. Finalized by a fabulous flight over the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V


Martin Kolar, Prague,Czech Republic

Private Pilot



Excellent instruction. No wasted time. Quick classroom instruction and to the plane to work on landings One landing to see where I stood and then CC jumped in with instruction and tips. First time experience in dirt strip. Much different than grass / pavement. Had me take off and land with instruments covered. One #$@#$ of an experience. Took the time to take a break every 45 mins or so. Allowed time for instruction to sink in and time for questions on the ground, then back to it. My landings were much sweeter after working with CC. Cant wait to get back home and apply what I have learned.

Bush Air Cessna 172C N172A


Dave R, Warren, Ohio, USA

Private Pilot



Of my nearly 36 years of flying everything from C172 to the MD-80 airliner, this has been the best training I have ever received. I combined the Tailwheel endorsement with CC Pocock's advanced backcountry flying course. His instruction is impecable. He Taught me to fly with absolute precision. I am a much safer and knowlegable pilot because of CC. Even if you dont intend to fly to the backcountry this course will make you a better and safer aviator.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Chris Meyer, White Hills, Arizona, USA

Airline Transport Pilot



I feel proud, firstly meeting CC personally, secondly learning from all his flying experiences and remarkable skills and knowledge about bush and mountain flying. After been on the advanced flying course which took 3 days in Cal-Nev-Ari, I feel I became a more skilled pilot. CC is a great bush flying instructor. I am so happy being here and learning some of the best techniques especially when operating any aircraft into remote bush areas. I didn't regret doing this course and you wouldn't either. Thank you CC for passing on your experiences to me. I will be back for some more flying instruction with you in the future.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V


Alexandros Loannou, Cyprus

Airline Transport Pilot



The course was absolutely incredible. I gained more from the course than I ever dreamed I would. I feel like a much safer and confident pilot. CC is the best Instructor I have ever had. CC has an amazing God given talent when it comes to teaching and flying. He shows you how to become one with the plane. This course was an eye opener and showed me how to always stay safe, but yet how to push myself further. My dream is to go to Alaska in about 30 months and become an Alaska Bush Pilot. I feel this course gave me the knowledge and skill to start practicing towards that goal. I do plan to come back and go through it again prior to seeking employment in Alaska. The course was well worth every penny. I was the first student to go through it at his new Cal Nev Ari (Kidwell Airport) location. The location venue for this type training could not have been more perfect. CC is the best!!

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V


Adam Watson, Montana, USA

Private Pilot

The course was fantastic! It was fun! it was challenging! I learned more in 3 days with CC than I can remember. Every pilot should take this course for safety / proficiency / confidence. You will know the edge of your aircraft's envelope and know where in that envelope you are operating your aircraft. You will learn skills that may very well save your life, You will learn how to keep you and your aircraft out of trouble.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Dru Dunwoody, Minnesota, USA

Airline Transport Pilot. Delta Airlines.

Excellent training!

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Dan Greenhill, Peoria, Arizona, USA

Commecial pilot & flight instructor


I highly recommend CC's course. It was a very enjoyable, exciting and enlightening experience, understanding proper techniques for exploring the back country safely. CC has an excellent delivery and training style that covers proper ballance andlow end fundamentals. This advanced skill set will pay off big time. Knowing were those boundaries are for my aircraft. I'm certainly looking forward to more remote camping possibilities this year! CC is an excellent cook, story teller and host. The staff at Pleasant Valley Airport are also all very accomodating and gracious. Well worth the investment!!

Cessna 180 Skywagon N9005C

Dave Sheldon, Prescott, Arizona, USA

Private pilot

Was an excellent course and exceeded my expectations! CC's attention to detail and working with you to correct the problem now approach really helped me improve my staying ahead of my plane. I have a new found skill set to work with from here on out. I do feel much safer and competent in my plane. Thanks for a great experience! (Also a pretty darn good cook!).

Cessna P206 N4757F

Larry Buster, Colorado, USA

Commercial pilot



The course objective was for graduates to become safe, proficient and confident pilots in bush and mountain flying. The course delivered all of that and more. Cc's in-depth discussions of aircraft performance and how that relates to mountain flying, flying and landing in confined spaces is masterful. It is truly an advanced course that goes well beyond the POH and been able to perform these maneuvers has without doubt made me a safer and more proficient pilot. The section and flights on emergency procedures and landings would be alone be worth the price! The course is carefully structured so that each section, exploring the aircraft performance, short field take-off's and landings, mountain flying, emergency maneuvers and landing in confined spaces builds on the knowledge and performance of the previous step. Every pilot flying in Arizona in light aircraft should take this course.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Wayne Lorgus, Tempe, Arizona, USA

Airline Transport Pilot & Instructor

It was excellent. I had only done BFR's in the last 6 years. Gained a great deal of confidence in my flying and how to safely manage situations that may arise while flying and have gained a great deal more control over the airplane to safely fly it.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

David Price, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Private Pilot

A million thanks about a great experience, we learned a lot and definitely became a safer pilot. You are a great instructor. Good luck in the USA!

Cessna 210T N5276A


Adam Hedges, Maun Botswana.

Commercial Pilot

Shane Hedges, Maun, Botswanna

Private Pilot

Thank you for this fantastic experience CC. Living up to the F's.... Flying, Fun and Food. All three being outstanding.

Bush Air Cessna 172 N172A


Arnaud Durbise, Switzerland.

Commercial Pilot

Jean-Charles Linsi, France.


I expected CC to be an eccentric maverick - his reputation preceding him - but I found a man passionate about safety, on a mission to keep pilots from making mistakes that cost so many lives. Click on this link to read an Article about the course in Pilot mag (UK)_Feb18_BushFlying

Bush Air Cessna 172 N172A

Kat Tiefenthal, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK

Private Pilot

In a few words... It was just amazing, because now I feel safer in the air. Thanks again for that unforgetable experience.

Bush Air Cessna 172 N172A

Patrick Wagner, Austria.

Private Pilot

My confidence and skills level on both take-off's and landings has drastically improved. Fear of the "go around" has evaporated with CC. His calm demeanor and experience made the course worth every cent! The mountain flying module was a definite "wow" experience for me. And the food was awesome!

Cherokee 180 ZS-FMV

Mark Glasspool, Pretoria, South Africa

Private Pilot

My first idea of CC Pocock's advanced flight training was that everything would will be on the edge and dangerous. Soon after the first flight I realized that at no time ever will CC allow a pilot to fly unsafe and that made me very comfortable and relaxed to do the rest of the very well worked out training. Thanks.

Cessna 172 ZS-COE

Daan Morkel, Deimerskraal, South Africa

Private Pilot

2nd time. An absolute must for every GA Pilot worldwide.

Cessna 210T ZS-MLV

Petru Malan, Wellington, South Africa

Private Pilot

Every pilot must do this course with his everyday plane. I thought I could fly but discovered that I only knew the basics! Thank you very much!

Cessna 172 ZS-COE

Colin Thorpe, Wellington, South Africa

Private Pilot

I had a great time learning stuff that no one ever teaches. Stuff as simple as getting the CG correct before flying, how to land back on the runway within 30 seconds of taking off, all manner of life saving tricks learned in 3 short days. And the location, food and hospitality are second to none. Thanks CC and I will be booking a second course after I've practiced what I've learned here.

Bush Air Cessna 172 N172A

Stuart Barkley, Vremde, Belguim

Commercial Pilot

This was just an amazing experience! I learned a lot what a Cessna 206 can do and that is much more than expected. Thank you CC for making me a much better pilot and feel more one with my aircraft.

Cessna 206 ZS-NDL

Luigi Raimondo, Bloemfontien, South Africa

Private Pilot

I had a great time. Learned much about the abilities of the aiplane and ad alternative / safer way to fly. I also learnedabout my abilities and limitations. I have lots of pratice to do perfecting the manuevers CC taught me and I intend on following through. Thank you for everything CC!

Bush Air Cessna 172 N172A

Kyle Porter, Montgomery, AL, USA

Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor

What an awsome experience. Made me safer, more confident & proficient - Thanks CC, you are a champ!

Cessna 182. ZS-EPR

Warwick Mostert, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

Baie geleer, sal did saamvat. Sien weer indie toekoms !!

Rans S7. ZU-ROD

Dawie Erasmus, Marble Hall, Limpopo, South Africa

Private Pilot

Dankie CC, did was "awesome". Best flying vacation ever and the food was top!

Cessna 210T. ZS-TEO

Willem Kruger, Marble Hall, Limpopo, South Africa

Private Pilot

Sweat, Adrenaline and Jack Daniels! Hope to learn from you soon again in the USA or RSA.

Cessna 182 ZS-AMZ

Gregory Gerhardt, Cape Town, South Africa.

Private Pilot

I did not know my V Tail could do this!

Beach Bonanza BE35. ZS-YN

Jaco Schoen, Pretoria, South AfricaPrivate Pilot


Coming into this course I expected to learn short field take off's and landings, but did not expect to learn how to do this technique to the extent I did! The sheer amount of ground knowledge that I have now learned was exceptional! Having an instructor with as much as skill in the aircraft made performing the task at hand much more pleasant. All in all I will be recommencing this course myself to all my students. Not only so they can learn how to fly these techniques but to also become safer pilots! Thank you!

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Amanda Maheu, Clinton, Utah, USA.

Commercial pilot and Flight Instructor

I really enjoyed the class. I believe I'm a safer pilot because of the new skills CC has taught me. This course is well worth the cost and time to go through!

Cessna 185 N185YM

Mike Barber, Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA

Private pilot

Whether you just got your license or flown for years - it is amazing how much you are going to learn from this course. We flew all the way from Europe because you do not find many instructors like CC on this planet. All topics are explained in ground school before hand and then brought to life in flights of around an hour - just perfect to be able to process all the things you learn about a side of every GA-aircraft's envelope that is often left out in flight instruction. We cannot wait to try out all the things we learned back home. Thanks, Isa & Sebastia.

Bush Air Cessna 170B N170V

Sebastian Reis and Isabella Schmid, Germany

Airline Transport Pilots. Lufthansa.

An exellent course. 3 days well spent bonding with my airplane and practicing techniques Ive only read about. Learned much about what my airplane is capable of and how to do it. Had a great time and enjoyed the course.

Cessna 180 275hp N52108

Roger Jaworski, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Commercial pilot. Flight Instructor. A&P

This course is a great way to familiarize you with your arcraft using precision flying techniques. In addition CC provides excellent bush and mountain flight instruction. CC uses classroom and real world flying conditions to communicate and demonstrate these bush and mountain flying techniques. At the end of the course you would have learned these techniques and improved your aircraft flying skills andincrease your confidence while performing these manuevers.

Cessna 170B 220hp N1743D

Larry Cranton, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Commercial pilot. Flight Instructor. A&P

The first pleasant surprise in this course is that I had the chance to learn far more about my plane than I ever knew before. I learned what the Husky can do with me in a very safe and proficient manner. The rest of the three days in this beautiful Arizona setting was spent in direct, hands-on learning and application of what a bush pilot can do to enjoy the outback. Thanks to CC for wisdom, direct attention to each pilot in the class and three good meals a day!

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn every skill that CC advertises! Husky N291PC

Chuck Denison, Wyoming, USA

Private Pilot

I would absolutely recommend this course to pilots of all skill levels! My basic maneuvers have been drastically improved and will benefit my flying for years. CC has improved my confidence and proficiency at all airstrips, soft & paved , controlled & uncontrolled.

C172 N734TE

Marty Smith, California, USA.

Private Pilot


Very good course. I have a much better grasp on the handling characteristics of my plane. The only thing that could have been done more thoroughly is the determination of initial airspeeds.

Cessna 180, N180V

Jean-Pierre Held, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Commercial Pilot & Flight instructor.

I never had so much fun learning new valuable flying skills. Thanks CC http://www.kennedyinternational.net/ | Airplane Repo - Discovery Channel .

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Mike Kennedy, Orlando, Florida, USA

Airline Transport Pilot.

The last few days were the best flight training I've ever received. CC, you are the master of teaching real-world practical skills required to be a safer, more proficient, confident, and skilled pilot. Any pilot of any experience or skill level could learn a lot from you. I can't recommend this course enough. Your hospitality and incredible cooking were the icing on the cake. I hope to see you in the US soon! Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Kevin Curreri, Kenya

Private Pilot

CC, Thanks for the exceptional experience. As a recent PPL I feel a lot more confident. I look forward to following your develpement in the US and who knows maybe one day our paths will cross again.

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Tony Dowd, New Zealand

Private Pilot

I hope I will never have to use what I learned here (Except stabilized approaches) but if I do I will be prepared! Thanks CC!

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Georg Schlatter, Switzerland

Commercial Pilot

It was even better than the last time. Very skilled flying and excellent food. We'll be back or we come to the US.

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Cornelia Auer & Oliver Renze, Austria

Private Pilot

CC is definitely the best pilot I have ever flown with. Together with an in depth understanding of the aircraft and it's capabilities has made for a few days of excellent learnings of myself and my aircraft parameters. We have all certainly improved on our flying skills. CC you are one of a kind. We salute you!!

Cessna 210. ZS-LDW

Colin Wilson, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

Thanks CC for giving me more confidence for my flying. I learned a lot from this course and I wish to see you again in the US for some more flying.

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Daniel Rieder, Italy

Private Pilot

Great company, great food and even better flying. Thank you CC for a great course. I am definitely a safer pilot because of it. Cessna 210. ZS-POJ

Reon Wiese, Pretoria, South Africa.

Private Pilot

Thanks CC for the amazing course, food and stories. All the best for your future plans.


Roque Hafner, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

Thanks a lot for the excellent course. Ive learned a lot of new things.

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Jochen Schwarz, Germany

Commercial Pilot

We came for the food and bar but the flying was someting else! Quite time in the Spa is highly recommended!

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Ewald Jooste, Melbourne Australia

Private Pilot

A very exiting and enjoyable course. Relaxed environment, nice food prepared by CC himself. Its a must for every pilot on this planet!

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Patrick Matibe, limpopo, South Africa

Private Pilot

Thanks for sharing your exceptional skill and experience with me. Always aware of safety! You have helped me to improve my flying skills and to fly my plane to optimum ability in a safe way. Very beneficial and enjoyable! I hope you enjoyed my Maule as well! Tx for fantastic food!!

Maule ZS-NDK

Lenza de Jager, Pretoria.

Private Pilot

Thank you for four great and fun days of flying and ground school and for teaching me things that no other flight instructor could teach me. The food is also top notch and can easily compare with any gourmet restaurant.

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Thomas Ackermann, Bern, Switzerland

Private Pilot

There are only a few candies in a pilots life and CC's Advanced Bush & Mountain Flying Course is for sure one of them, a paramount one. Finally someone showed me why the flaps are on the airplane. The low level cuircut with a short landing and the canyon turns, amazing. Thank you CC for the best flying I've had on a Cessna and Islander. Thanks for amazing cooking and hospitality. You've showed me art in the kitchen too. For shure I'm coming back for a refresher. Rok & Tanjia.

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Rok Weber, Ljbljana, Slovenia.

Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor

The most valuable few hours I have ever done and the food & post flying banter were fantastic. Piper Lance

Tim Fair, Maputo, Mozambique.

Private Pilot

I am leaving Bushair as a reborn pilot, with some old bad habits discarded and new skills to practice.

Piper Lance

Richard Fair, Maputo, Mozambique

Private Pilot

CC, Thanks for a wonderful experience and a very good stay. I have learned alot.

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Wilfred Arrindell, Sweden

Private Pilot

In CC's pilot sanctuary, todays wrongly trained and documented procedures are being laid bare and turned into very usefull and life saving flying skills. We all liked your no-nonsense instructing (and cooking!).

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Bart Rijpma, Dubai, UAE

Airline Transport Pilot. Emirates

Thanks for everything. You are the best pilot I have ever met. You and the airplane are one living organisim. You have taught me how to start flying by feel. Thanks a lot! Best pilot but food and lodge's atmosphereis also great. Part of me stays here. See you next time...

Bush Air Cessna 172. N172A.

Karol Szymanski, Poland

Private Pilot

Great food, Great People & Fantastic flying! Never expected to learn as much as we did.

Cant believe an aircraft and us are capable of what we learned. UNBELIEVABLE Experience!



Brian Stocks, Pretoria, South Africa. Private Pilot

Grant Stocks, Colesburg, S Africa. Private Pilot

Practice makes it better. Skills taught invaluable to sort out long time mistakes. Many thanks for memorable course and hospitality at your lodge.

Rob Routier, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

Learned a fortune in 3 days. Feel more confident. Put on a lot of weight due to great cooking. Leave with a lot more confidence and lots of great flying techniques to practice. Thanks CC

Dominic Giampaolo, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

An excellent three days!I learned so much about what is possible in an aircraft and how to control it. It will make a massive difference to my flying and confidence. ...Should be part of PPL training. Thanks CC for your patience, good food & drink and good company. I must return to continue where I left off.

Bush Air C172 N172A

Alan Wilson, Hertford, UK


"All in the fullness of time" is not the attitude to take with this course - "Be ahead of the aircraft at all times" is a phrase you will hear all too often from Pocock. Less of it as you change your bad habits picked up over the years. ... Great course, must come back for more!

Jabiru ZU-DTP

Damien Pennefather, South Africa.

Private Pilot

This course surpassed any thoughts I had. Arrive with no expectations and become blown away with gaining knowledge and experience one could only learn from CC. Truly an amazing experience I am so thankful for. CC, thank you for your patience, your fantastic teaching technique and for sharing the real experience! Lets not forget the culinary delights. I'm sure I will not have such great food the rest of my trip. A return for aviation and culinary treats is a must!. Thank you. Bush Air C172 N172A

Karin Cadzin, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, USA

Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor

Practice - practice - practice! Been on this course several times, I understand even more how important that is. I leave everytime knowing much is still out there to become more proficient. Thanks CC. This is something I never forget. You are great!

Roland Berez, Budapest, Hungary

Commercial Pilot

I was here with my pilot friend who attended the course for the 5th time! It was a fantastic and outstanding week! Thanks a lot CC you were outstanding!

Gaspar Levenet, Budapest, Hungary


After 3 years feels like I finaly started to learn to really fly. Hard lessons and great hospitality. Definitely coming back soon. Cheers CC

Bush Air C172 N172A

Eddie Morris, UK

Private Pilot

Excellent instruction, company and food. Thank you again CC for improving aviation. Cheers Sean.

Bush Air C172 N172A

Sean Truscott, Cape Town, South Africa

Private Pilot

An amazing course - packing so much flying and great skills training into these intense days. And the low-flying cheffing! Now that should be on food channel! Amazing man CC, All the best & Thanks.


Barrie & Margaret Neunborn, KZN,South Africa

Private Pilot

This course seriously exceeded my expectations!! You have made me a better and safer pilot in 3 days. this course should be compulsery. Thank you CC. Will stay in touch.


Paul Grobler, Cape Town, South Africa

Private Pilot

Great experience. Learned more in 3 days than all my previous flying experience. Comfortable at super slow speeds. Great food as well. Will be back!


Mark Bunning, Cape Town, South Africa

Private Pilot

Thank you captain for an unforgetable experience. You are a fantastic instructor. I am leaving here with skills that will stay with me for a lifetime. Really opened my eyes. Thank You!

Bush Air C172 N172A

Candice Jones, Cape Town, South Africa

Private Pilot

CC!!! What a great 4 days. Fell in love with your C172. Fantastic course, food, company etc... Thank you!

Bush Air C172 N172A

Otto Muller, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

Thanks CC. Definitely a worthwhile course, much appreciated!

Jabiru ZU-JHF

Shawn Brassel, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

This course is hard. Lots of frustration & nerves. There was a moment I almost gave up but I'm glad I did'nt. Thanks for everything CC I learned a lot.

Bush Air C172 N172A

Konrad Rzadzinski, Poland

Private Pilot

Thanks CC you opened my eyes. An absolute must for any pilot. I am going to do it agin. Thanks.


Petru Malan, South Africa

Private Pilot

A great course . I have really learned to use my plane to the extent it was meant to be used. Thanks

Jacques Venter, Pretoria ,South Africa

LSA Pilot

A great experience. Really felt I have learned something new that will hopefully keep me safe in the future. Many thanks CC for being a great, patient & knowledgable instructor.

Bush Air C172 N172A

Dan & Ansela Horstman, Surry, UK

Private Pilot

What an amazing shoot we had with your crazy self! We had a blast. Thanks for everything... catch you on the flip side.

Jennifer Wilkins, Los Angeles, CA, USA. TV Crew - Production Manager


What a kick ass time! You are a great pilot and TV star. One of the best cast members I have worked with! http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/deadliest-job-interview/bios/bush-pilot/

Matt Getz , Los Angeles, CA, USA. TV Crew - Executive Producer


CC, What a fantastic experience! I am going back to fly the islands definately feeling safer, more competent and confident. The whole experience - great food, greater lodgings, great flyingand friendly cameraderie was unforgettable!

Bush Air C172 N172A

Fiona Horne, St Croix, US Virgin Islands

Commercial Pilot

CC, you made exploring the limits of our plane, our skill and our minds an adventure! Thanks for your input and sharing your knowlege. a master aviator and a master chef.

Cessna 182 ZS-CMW

Otto & Elmarie Wypkema, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

I gained a geat deal of flying knowlege.... all your experiences CC for which I thank you very much. I also gained a little weight - your cooking is exceptional. Also, maybe all flying instructors should do your course before they are let loose on students! Thanks again.

Ian Laing, Johannesburg, South Africa

LSA Pilot

Dear CC. Thank you for the time we could spend together. You give flying a Piper Saratoga new perspective!! Piper Saratoga take-off 250m, short field landing in 170m, Wow!

Wayne van Rooyen, Middleburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

CC, thanks for your patience and always "cool head". Really enjoyed this the second time around (first was March 2010). Been a lot of fun coupled with serious flying instruction. it has been a wonderful course, even better than the first time. I am way more educated and have a far better awareness of flying in general. Thanks a lot for great hospitality. Cheers

Neil Garden, Margate, South Africa

Private Pilot


Note to self: "Dont hope for the best, keep flying the aircraft and do something about the situation"! As a low hour pilot the very practical knowlege imparted as well as the confidence and understanding gained fromthe intense 4.5 hours in the hot seat next to CC is of immense value. In future I hope to avoid the"dont cut the power!!! pull the stick back!!! now you've f...d it up!!! ringing in my ears in the last moments when aiming for the touchdown spot for the intended "greaser". It feels good to know the aircraft you fly. That is what this is all about. Also thank you for the great, relaxed hospitality. Thank you CC

Carlo Suter, Worcester, South Africa. Private Pilot

500th pilot!

A new stage of flying has been reached, thanks for that. After a flight tour to Mozambique we were spoilet with wide tar runways. But flying in the bush and knowing your aircraft is the real thing. CC is just great and food outstanding. We definitly will come back!

Bush Air C172 N172A

Matthijs Amelink, Netherlands. Silvia Gotzen, Hamburg, Germany.Florian S, Germany

Private Pilots

I can honestly say that this course has made me a safer, more proficient, and more confident pilot. The essence that this course taught me was to push the aircraft beyond its boundaries to feel more comfortable and safer in the aircraft. The best example of this is that I am no longer overly concerned when I hear the stall warning come on because I know exactly when the airplane will stall. As a relatively new private pilot, it was an amazing experience to learn the difference between training instruction and actual pilot instruction. I highly recommend taking this course to anyone who is interested in becoming a better pilot. I can guarantee that CC has some tricks to teach you.

Steve Johnson, Southbridge, Massachussets, USA

Private Pilot

Many thanks for the great experience I made, on attending the "Advanced Bush & Mountain Flying Course". It wasn't just interesting and eye opening.., after that course, it makes me feel much more confident and safe, in regard of handling an aircraft close to its limits.!! I definitely can recommand this course to any Pilot, who wants to find out more about the abilities and limits of an aircraft, regardless of his aviation background.!! I wish you all the best and lot's of happy shortfield landings.!! Best regards, Daniel

Daniel Bollinger, Switzerland.

Commercial Pilot

CC, your recent class was like summer camp with airplanes! You delivered as promised. I have the knowledge and confidence to master the skills as advertised. Thanks again and have a great Oshkosh. "More right rudder".

Peter van Camp, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Private Pilot

I have over 900 hours in multiple type piston aircraft in over 25 years of flying. I finally learned to fly after attending CC Pococks Bush and Mountain Flying Course. CC forces you to learn the corners of the flight envelope in your own aircraft, becoming one with it. It is pure joy to realize how much better a pilot one can become in so short a time with CC as your tutor. I am also convinced that I am now a safer pilot as practiced skills breed confidence and safety. Steve Eddy, M.D.

Steve Eddie, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Private Pilot

A great and most enlightening experience. I've built up far too many mistakes over the years. Hopefully now things will improve!

Chris Ussher, Harewood, Leeds, UK

Private Pilot

Dear CC, Thank you for the course. What an educational and adventurous course. I am sure what you taught me will be to my benefit for the rest of my life. Thank you very much, hope to see you soon.

Morne van Straaten, Johannesburg , South Africa

Private Pilot

CCMP - Your the man! Looking forward to doing it all again. Thank you and see you again before long.

Trent Jones, Melbourne, Australia



Skills, skills and more skills! I cant get enough of this kind of training! All thanks to people like CC Pocock and his Bush Air School. An instructor who explores and pushes the boundaries and limits of traditional training techniques and curriculums (often in the face of much adversity & resistance from the officials, and then passes on all his knowledge and experience to pilots like us, all in the name of making us safer and more proficient pilots. Hats off to you CC Pocock! Great food & great flying!

Craig Boshard, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Private Pilot

Unbelievable! The wealth of knowledge, technique and confidence built up over 4 short days would have taken years and the skills learnt couldn't have been learned anywhere else. No doubt an invaluable course in making me a safer, more proficient and confident pilot. To top it all off, Jen and I loved the food & hospitality! Thanks again CC!

Craig Flanigan, Durban, South Africa

Private Pilot

Wow! What fun and an eye opener. Everyone should get to do this in their own aircraft. Really enjoyed it.

Dale de Klerk, GP, South Africa

Private Pilot NPL flight Instructor

Great learning experience, great host, chef of note! Learned so much!

Klaas Lammers, Paarl, WC, South Africa

Private Pilot

Though having attended this course a 3rd time, again an outstanding experience. Learned again a lot to be a safer pilot. Thanks for that training CC. Not mentioning the excellent food! This time I have to award three thumbs. Thankyou very much CC for everything. See you next time.

Eric Piffer, Vienna, Austria

Private Pilot

Dankie vir alles. Baie gelik en groete!

Hein Barnard, Bethal, South Africa

Private Pilot

Thankyou for sharing your skill with me. I really am a safer pilot now. Citabria MYZ

Jaco groenewald, Bethal, South Africa

Private Pilot

Learned a lot and feel much safer. Good course. Happy to be here. Very good food. Thanks.

Andreas Grle, Ulm, Germany

Private Pilot

A great course! Learning how far I can safely push myself and my aircraft has made me a more proficient and confident pilot. And the food was great! C182 ILD

Samantha Meyrick, Ballito, KZN, South Africa

Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor

Flying out of my comfort zone really made me more proficient & confident. I was really amazed what was achieved with a Mooney in regard to short field take-off's and landings.This should be a compulsory course for all pilots. Excellent experience and food. Keet it up CC! Mooney

Nick Nicolaou, Pretoria, South Africa

Private Pilot

Thank you CC. A great and hugely valuable course and experience! Thank you also for your hospitality and great food. Cessna T206 ZS-FCB

Ralph Boetiger, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

Great course, great food, great experience. thank you CC! C206

Andre du Plessis, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

Thank you to a master teacher. You restored my dream - Flying! Savanah ZU-LPL

Hermie Goosen, Pretoria, South Africa

Private Pilot

To be part of this was an experience I would recommend to any GA pilot that wants to be safe, proficient and confident. this man called "CC" is a remarkable instructor and has the capability to transfer the knowlege to any pilot, low or high hour induviduals. Thank you for a enjoyable experience and to be a member of this prestige group of pilots. C210 V5- BDO

Abrie Louw, Windhoek, Namibia.

Private Pilot

An extremely valuable course; should be in the interest of any GA pilot. Within the first hour of instruction my flying / take-off / landings improved substantially, resulting in an immediate improvement in confidence. I understand my aircraft now and am for sure a much safer pilots than a week ago. It was fun and enjoyable, thank you CC! C182 V5-LUV

Matthias Braune, Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Private Pilot

It was a great course.I learned a lot and getting over my short field fear.(Running out of runway!). I am feeling a lot safer.I recomend this course to any pilot! Cessna 210 V5-BDO

Anthony Hearn, Pioneers Park, Windhoek, Namibia.

Private Pilot

Very nice course, it will greatly improve my safety not only for me but for my whole family flying with me. I know what my C182 can do and I will enjoy every moment flying into bush strips and also low flying on my farm. Thanks, hope a lot of other pilots will enjoy and benifit from this course. C182 V5-JOG

Poena Olivier, Longbeach, Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Private Pilot

Very happy with the Bush Flying Course. Great improvement in flying skill. Thank you CC. Jabiru 430

Liviu Enache, Walvis Bay, Namibia

Private Pilot

In this advanced course, you have taught me how to use the basic aspects of flying in their most optimum way. This is the real and proper way to fly. Finally, based on the food, "CC" must stand for"Chef & Chillie"!

Dann de Ruijter, Rosmalen, Nederlands.

Private Pilot

The best aviation experience I ever had! Learned so much. South Africa is going to suffer big lose the day you leave! Thanks for great hospitality and great food. All the best on future courses.

Estian de Jager, Porterville, South Africa

Commercial Pilot

Learned a lot of really important things that will surely make me safer and keep me or get me out of bad situations. Wish there was time to practice more. Gained a lot of usefull knowlege, skills and possible some weight.

Bruno de Geeter, Antwerp, Belguim.

Private Pilot

The second time! - and it was even better than the first. CC You are an national asset to aviation and your food and hospitality is of the highest order. Thank you!! Saratoga ZS-OFH. http://www.bushair.co/saflyer-bpc-April-2015.htm

Guy Leitch, SA Flyer Magazine, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

An Incredible weekend! There is no doubt that these 3 days have made me far more proficient and confident than the past year year of flying. A course I feel I could do many times and continue to learn each time. Not to mention the food and hospitality! Thank you CC! http://www.bushair.co/saflyer-bpc-April-2015.htm

Graem Wuth, SA Flyer magazine, Johannesburg, South Africa

Private Pilot

CC You are a great aerial artist and great teacher. Thanks for benefitting from your experience and skills. I will value the time at Barberton. Hope to see you again!

Martin Wambach, Bonn , Germany

Private Pilot

Thankyou CC for your Skilled Flying & great hospitality. I learned a lot in these 4 days! Always welcome in Belguim!

Luke Michels, Ode-Heverlee, Belguim

Private Pilot

Wonderfull world beneath the white arc! The Zebra C185 ZU-BLP

Kobus Stander, Pretoria, South Africa

Private Pilot

Thank you very much for a fantastic time, lessons well learned. I'll remember to keep the stick back! C206 ZS-SYV

Franse de Wet, Pretoria, South Africa. Private Pilot

Thanks CC for the great instruction. It's always good to learn from a talented instructor, and get to know your airplane even better. Look forward to seeing you in South Africa. C180 N9233C

Robin McGrew, San Diego, California, USA. Airline Transport Pilot. United Airlines.

This course has taught me to be a safer pilot. Highly recomended for any pilot!

Gavin Neil, Mozambique. Private Pilot


Thanks CC, Ricky & your Mom for the great stay. Enjoyed every minute with you guys. The food, the room, the scenery and especially the flying were more than I expected! Just excellent! I learned in 5 hours more than any other courses. This is fundamental for every serious pilot who whants to get to the next level. I'm definitely coming back for a refresher! CC, Thanks for showing me my limits and where I still need to work on. And thank you for your great company. You are all wonderful, grounded and down to earth people! Vielen Dank & Cheers.

Jurgen Holtzinger, Vienna, Austria



Absolutely fantastic! Great food, great flying, good drinkiing and good company. CC I really appreciated your instruction and bravery at times.It takes a pilot of huge experience to be able to sit and watch a student go into an off airport strip. I am sure your reputation will be associated with bush flying for many years to come.

Jon Taylor, Salsbury, UK. Airline Transport Pilot



Thanks CC not only for making me a better pilot, but also for getting to know you as a great cook. I will remember "stick back!" and "dont cut the power!" Great flying, geat food....

Filip Rochette, Gunter Swerts, EBKH, Belgium. Private Pilots

Is there anything better for two just married Swiss pilots than a bush & mountain flying course?No! We want you to be proud of us not just because we have now just done the course but because when we back home we will apply your guidlines each time we go flying. Remember... "Dont cut the power!" CC & Tine, Thanks a lot!

Marco & Sofia Taufer, Switzerland. Commercial Pilot /Private Pilot

By these following words I wont be able to thank you enough for these outstanding 8 days! The training that was way beyond all my expectations, was given with the utmost in professionalism! You've given me more than you can imagine. I'm cherishing the memories of these times spent here with you both! Thank you again and the sure thing is that I'll miss you!

Antoinne Marchal-Marchant, Belgium. Airline Transport Pilot

CC it was great flying with you. It was an eye opener. I should have done it long ago! Food was great. We enjoyed our stay.

David du Plooy, Germiston, South Africa. Private Pilot

Marvelous training, more understanding for airplanes, delicious meals and good drinks made by CC himself!

Rudiger Blau, Berlin, Germany. Private Pilot

It was an honour meeting the legend, Food and hospitality were 5 Star. CC taught me all about the ability that SLUt has in her! Top learnings - slow flight, low level and approach speeds. Thanks CC, your were the pro I thought you would be! C182 ZS-SLU

Alan Tait, Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa. Private Pilot

Flaps dow, gear down, hit the bar! Thanks for showing me the life below the white line.

David Kranz, Hemel, Hempstead, UK. Private Pilot


People good, food good, flying f#cking fantastic!!!

Craig Hunter, Johannesburg, South Africa. Private Pilot

Enjoyed the fabulous setting and great food. The laughs and all the new knowlege and the FLYING! Amazing technical and amazing skills! All the best my friends!

Greg Markham, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. Private Pilot

Many thanks for the best flying experience in my life! I have learned a lot in the past three days and I do feel a lot better pilot. CC you are amazing, your hospitality and cooking skills are second to none!

Artur Ekert, Oxford, UK. Private Pilot

Truly the best instructor up to now in my small GA experience and hospitality just owesome. Thanks!

Michal Lewzak, Zurich, Switzerland. Private Pilot

We had such a wonderful time here at Bush Air. Thank you very much CC for your top instruction, food, accomodations and your friendship. Absolute VIP service. This fantastic experience will last forever alive in our memories. We hope to come back again soon. Droz family from Switzerland. Jo, Fernande, Albert & Serge.

Serge Droz, Switzerland. Airline Transport Pilot

Thank you CC for making us feel so welcome, loved the flying.

Tim Dews, Warminster, UK. Private Pilot

Ypu promote Safe, confident and proficient flying, and the course really proves that. Thaqnks for teaching so well. Great food and company, thanks CC.

Dave White, Warminster, UK. Private Pilot

Thanks to CC, Tine and Quentin for an awsome weekend. The course and food were tops! thanks.

Gordon Grey, Kokstad, South Africa. Private Pilot

So gratefull to CC and Tine who cooks lovely food. Thanks CC for making me a safer pilot!

Aaron Bate Kokstad, South Africa. Private Pilot

Runways are only for pilots that wear ties.... bushpilots dont need that. Thankyou CC for a great experience!

Erik Genier, Switzerland. Airline Transport Pilot

Thank you for the professional and well organised training sessions! I really enjoyed flying with you. It was a pleasant stay at your base and nice suroundings. Tine's cuisine and CC's steaks are exceptional.

Christian Kremsner, Vienna, Austria. Private Pilot

Thank you CC for this amazing course. I did not know what a C172 could do, Thanks Tine for all the good food every day.

Michaela Chremsner, Vienna, Austria. Private Pilot

We are members of UFCA. It was a great experience for us.... thank you for this wonderful week!

Hans Gegela, Austria. Private Pilot

Not only was this an amazing learning experience and a total eye opener with regards to the ability of the aircraft as well as my own abilities but it was also an awsome experience with a beautiful place flying in scenic areas doing very interesting and fun flying. Thanks CC for the course. I enjoyed the people, flying, food, view and everything in between. I'll be sure to 'buzz in' if I am ever around.

Andre Lourens, Pretoria, South Africa. Commercial Pilot

What a privilege to have flown with you CC. One regret, I should have done it earlier! you are amazing! Tine - Thanks for delicious food & Quentin - will always hear his voice in my head - "right rudder, stick back & leave the trim alone".

Gerda Pienaar, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Private Pilot

In my life I met a few outstanding persons, including you three. Your welcomin, kindness and professionalism, Thank you for all this.

Nathgalie and Koen Draulands, Belgium. Private Pilot

I can say a lot of shit but, the truth is: EXCELLENT course, the way it is built up, groundschool and practical, given by professionals. Last but not least: Great atmosphere after flytime with excellent kitchen.

Henk Dannenberg. Rijsse, Netherlands. Private Pilot

Unbelievable what CC, his C172 and now I can do now! Many thanks for a great course, comeradere and great food and fun.

Marc van Steenberge, Stellenbosch, South Africa Private Pilot

Thanks CC, You took me out of my comfort zone and showed me whata plane can do. Awsome adventure with good food. I will be back.

Rael Ressel, Cape Town, South Africa.Commercial pilot

Some idiot said "Those can, do. Those who can't, teach". CC does both with conviction, high purpose, fearsom (&fearless) dedication. He and Tine are gracious, generous hosts. Thank you, I'll be back again Hallelujiah!!! http://slowflyer-alphacharlie.blogspot.com/

Alain Catzeflis, UK Private Pilot

Thanks a lot CC! As always lots of excitement, fun and perfect training with lots of hospitality!

Roland Berecz, Debrecen, Hungary. Commercial Pilot

It was a great adventure and very good training with lots of fun! Thank you very much.

Zsolt Gettler Budapest, Hungary. Airline Transport Pilot

Carpe Diem. What an amazing experience, Thanks a million!! Be safe and hopefully see ya soon.

Thomas Muelchi, Switzerland. Private Pilot

Back for a refresher and learned more!

Frank D'Easaille, Dublin, Ireland. Private Pilot

Course a real eye opener!! Thank you CC for flying, great food & your hospitality.

Margaret & Barrie Neunborn, Howik, KZN, South Africa. Private Pilot

Awsome course. Learned so much! Thankx CC

Robin Petherbridge, Windhoek, Namibia. Private Pilot

Thank you CC. You did an excellent job on me, feeling much more confident.

Cobus Prinsloo, Windhoek, Namibia. Private Pilot

Excellent course! I learned so much and improved on pilot skills. And thanks for great hospitalty nad awsome food!

Dirk Mueller, Pretoria, South Africa. Private Pilot

CC and Tine, You have made your home so friendly and welcoming, I have immensely enjoyed you fantastic meals and I loved the flying, doing things I never have done before. CC, your an amazing pilot and thanks for sharing your knowledge. Thanks for having me.

David Gall, New Zealand. Private Pilot

As a student pilot I have gained an insight to flying that conventional instruction and / or experience is unlikely to ever provide. Thanks CC for helping me confidently achieve way beyond my expectations.

Kevin Rock, New Zealand. Private Pilot

Thankyou for this very very great course. It was a great time on your airfield. We learned a lot more of good flying. Great!

Jochen Bremer, Germany.Private Pilot

Dietmar Keidel, Germany. Private Pilot


Flying a Cessna 210, at first I never thought that you can safely fly her at low level, low speed, CC is the best instructor one could ever ask for. The hospitality was super awsome, I had much better fodd than you could get in a hotel. See you guys soon again!!

Pieter Du Plessis, Polokwane, South Africa. Private Pilot

Again an extroordinary and outstanding experience, highly professional training, nothing to beet this and not to mention the food and hospitality. We reelly enjoyed it. Thanks CC.

Erich Piffer, Vienna, Austria Private Pilot


Marcel Vlastuin, Netherlands Private Pilot

Thanks to both of you for your hospitality and great food. I wish I could learn as much every flight as each flight here. Fantastic.

Jeremy Belford Cave. Brisbane, Australia. Private Pilot

Thank you very much for this enlightning experience. It will stay with me forever. Thank you for teaching me to "ride the stall" and teaching me to safely land my C182 in under 200m. The skills, techniques and procedures you teach is a must for any true aviator. Thanks Tine and yourself for all your hospitalty and fine dining.

Roelie van Reening, South Africa Private Pilot

Thank you for a pleasant stay & hospitality. We enjoyed Barberton. We learned to push the envelope. Did not think it's possible. Very pleased with the experience. Added many years to my life, more to explore. Superb, Thanks a lot!

Low van Reenen, Kimberly, South Africa. Commercial Pilot

Never knew what a C172 could do and never knew what I could do with it! Great experience making myself a better and safer pilot. Thank you so much CC & Tine!

Ole Petter Lindstad, Norway. Private Pilot

Dear CC,we thank you for a great time we spend with you. Flying with such a great pilot and person as CC you definitely are, gave us more than we've ever got before from anyone else. We are better pilots now! Thank you Tine for the great hospitality and I hope you will enjoy this beautiful country as you do forever. I hope we will come again one day.

Milan Houzva & Sarka Brachpva, Czech Republic.Private Pilots

Truley one of the best learning experiencesof my career. Felt safe every second with the master "CC" himself next to me and I would recomend this course to anybody! Thanks for everything !

Danie Campher, Centurion, South Africa.

Most empowering confidence building experience I have been on! Wish I had this training from beginning. Thanks CC!!

Nic Human, Durban, South Africa. Commercial Pilot

Dear CC, The flying experiences were fantastic. The hospitality was exceptional, but getting to know the real CC was my highlight. What wonderfull people you are!!

Henry Holland, Johannesburg, South Africa. Private Pilot

Thanks CC for a great course and things I never thought were possible in just a few days. And thanks Tine for great hospitality and excellent food.

Gerard Roelfsema, Haarlem, Holland. Airline Transport Pilot

What processional training! Thankyou CC for offering the edges of flying to us. We had 3 unforgettable days at your airport.

Thomas Lorenze, Munich, Germany. Private Pilot

Thank ou for the unforgetable experience, both the flying and the food. Thanks for the hospitality!

Robert & Tine van der Mast. Amersfort, Holland. Private Pilots

Thanks CC for an amazing course! Surprised my expectations. Thanks for being a great host and a down to earth guy!

Yannick Veys, Netherlands. Private Pilot

Wow! Thanks you CC for an eye opening course that changed my flying forever. Your course should be compulsory!

Mark Wilson, Johannesburg, South Africa.Commercial Pilot

Thanks CC for the amazing course in the South African Bush, the great food and your hospitality! Definitely the most impressive flying experience i've ever had!

Theo Voss, Berlin, Germany. Private Pilot

Very worthwhile, both for the education recieved and the cooking we both enjoyed.

Frank D'Easaille, Dublin, Ireland. Private Pilot

What a couple days in Barberton! Zero speed on the ASI....who whouyld believe it is possible. Landing and stopping an airplane in 50m impossible? No, it is possible. Thanks for the learning. CC= Chef de Cuisine .

Louis Ballerstedt, Switzerland. Private Pilot

I've learned so much in just a few days, thecourse totally exceeded my expectations! A lovely social time too and rump & potjie to die for! Hope to see you again when I need a refresher, or even when I dont!

Sophia Webster, Newcastle, UK. Private Pilot

Thanks so much for an extraordinary experience around great people in a beautiful environment! It was a fantastic preparation for my trip. Thanks for your confidence to take care of D-EKST for the next few weeks! And, of course, the food was fantastic too!!

Natalie Buser, Zurich, Switzerland. Private Pilot

Thanks for the exelent easter weekend! I have certainly learned a lot of techniques which I will make use of throughout my aviation career!

Ahmed Chothia, Botswana. Private Pilot

Every pilot should invest in doing this course! Completely different dimension to flying. I gained a lot of confidence and enjoyed every second. I promise to never go back tomy old habits. Thankyou CC!

Natalie Talbot. Krugersdorp, South Africa. Private Pilot

What an awsome time we have had. Thankyou so much for your wisdom and energy and offering something like this so there are safer pilots who have a lot of fun! Come to Colorado!!

Kateri Drexler and Tom Jay. Montrose, CO, USA. Commercial pilot

Thanks CC! This was great! Definitily one of the best courses we have ever attended!

Ruan & Fred Greyling. Middleburg, South Africa Private Pilot


Wow what a great couple days flying. Would never have done anything close to this experience without CC. Learned lots and had a great time!

Tiaan Bekker. Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa Private Pilot

Great skill and extraordinary experience. Thanks CC, One more step towards getting a safer pilot. Really enjoyed it!

Erich Piffer. Vienna, Austria Private Pilot

Thank you CC for your hospitality. I enjoyed the stay so much. The best instroduction to flying in Africa that I could imagine. I learned alot about me the plane and flying the edge.

Martin Ihle. Berlin Germany. Private Pilot Private Pilot

Wow! Not only do we get fantastic flying and instruction but also wonderful hospitality and great cooking. Fabulous and unforgetable experience. Thanks CC for great training and to all for the hospitality. Hope to see youe again in this beautiful part of the world. PS.. see you in NZ.

David Powell. Aukland New Zealand Commercial Pilot

CC & the gang, thanks again and see you in 2015.

Sam Rutherford, Prepare2go Trans Africa. Commercial Pilot

Thanks CC for the great instruction, did things I never thought I would. I have different mindset & my confidence flying in these terrains is up!

Myles Bloy. Johannesburg, South Africa Private Pilot

Came the 3rd time and still new experiences & new surprises! Awsome time spent here! Thanks CC!

Roland Berez. Debrere, Hungary Commercial Pilot

Thank you CC for improving my capabilities of airmanship. Joining your course was one of the best things I ever did. I really enjoyed your hospitality and especially your cooking (cuisine) - fantastic!

Alexander Esslinger, St. Gallen, Switzerland Private Pilot

It has improved my flying and decision making. Thankyou CC, I recomend your training! Good food, great flying, excellent experience & lots of fun.

Quentin Steyn, Johannesburg, South Africa . Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor

I safely say I pushed the airplane to the limits in a safe manner I've never experienced before. I definitely feel safer than ever and improved my skills. This was also the most fun I've had in an airplane in a long time. Thanks CC for everything I've been taught and the hospitality.

PC Bredell, Kroonstad, South Africa. Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor

Thanks CC for improving my proficiency, confidence and safety! I feel every pilot should do this! Awsome!

Dirk Bierman, Pretoria, South Africa Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor

Pushing the envelope never felt that safe! CC youve really got the "right stuff". The skills, the experience and the course.... and not least the hospitality. Teachning the world to fly!

Jan de Vroe, Amsterdam, Netherlands Private Pilot

Thanks so much CC! A really great flying experience coming from a different (flying) world. I enjoyed so much this adventure!

Guido Gebert, Rapperswil, Switzerland Private Pilot

Amazing course and great adventure. Thanks for the lessons that will likely save my life. Thanks for the hospitality and great cooking as well.

Patric Murdock, Luanda, Angola & USA Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor

CC you don't need a voice to let your flying do the talking! The combination of feel, precision and radical technique is inspiring! Everyone calling himself a pilot should do this course to expand his horizon.

Holger Seilz & Melani Millich, Frankfort, Germany Commercial Pilots


Easily the most valuable 5 flying hours out of my 500 logged and whats more, it feels like leaving home to be going home. Thats special. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEX8iCln4qM

Martin Talbot, Moscow, Russia & Mozambique. Private Pilot Private Pilot

Definitaly a safer pilot at the end of it all.Thankyou for the 5 star instruction, the patience and good food! I will definately be back!

Gulamo Nabi, Maputo, Mozambique Private Pilot

Thankyou CC for making me a much better and safer pilot.

Nicholas Watkins, UK Private Pilot

Thanks for the extremely useful and fun flying and instruction! We enjoyed the food and hospitality. Will return as a better pilot for sure! Piloot en Vliegtuig-bpc.htm

Geert van Bruggen, Netherlands and Zambia. Private Pilot

I learned from the start in the first minutes till the very end. Thanks CC for making me a more proficient and safer pilot and I had a great time!

Paul Wolsink, Pretoria, South Africa. Private Pilot

The best 2 days flying I have had in my 56 year flying career!

Barry Lipschitz, South Africa. Airline Transport Pilot

Excellent instruction and food!

Mark Clulow & Gert van der Linde, South Africa. LSA pilot

Fun!, fun!, fun! What an awsome way to learn about my plane and myself - go confidently in the direction of your dreams! A Big smile on my face for all those crazy manuevers and edge of the seat landings!

Michelle Hurley, Matsulu, Nelspruit, South Africa. Private Pilot

Wow did not think that light aircraft could do what CC is able to do with them. Loved every second of it!

Mike Agnew. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Private Pilot

Oh what fun! Brilliant prep and grand familiarizasion & flying. Great hospitality especially the grub!

Geoff Scott, London, UK Private Pilot

I promised and did it. Returned to relive this incredible experience. Thankyou CC for everything!

Roland Berecz, Hungary. Private Pilot

Awsome and fantastic, will come back again. Over my mountain flying fear.

Johan Erusmus, Hendrina, South Africa. Private Pilot

Best flying ever! To be able to do this with my dad made it even more special! Have to come back again.

Jasper Bruinsma, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Private Pilot

Second time in one year, I cant get enough of it, absolutely the ultimate, come and do it! Thanks again CC.

Hans Bruinsma, Somerset West, South Africa Private Pilot

CC thank you so much for the training and hospitality. I will definitly be back for a refresher!

Ferdinand de Wit, Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Private Pilot

Many thanks to you CC. Learned from one of the best in some of the best ways. Sad to leave but leaving safer, more skillful and proficient! Keep it up!!

Reinard Leygonie, Pretoria, South Africa . Commercial Pilot

Had an awsome time. Learned a lot! Experience of a lifetime! Thank you very much!

Renier Joubert, Pretoria, South Africa Commercial Pilot

Thanks for everything, had agreat time and real good experience. Learned a lot!

Pierre de Villiers, Kroonstad, South Africa Commercial Pilot

Had a great time, learned a lot in 4 days. Hope to come back soon. Thanks CC.

Cedric Plettinx, Belguim Commercial Pilot

Thanks CC for the refresher course. Again it was outstanding. Good stuff!

Ralf Beitzinger, Germany Airline Transport Pilot

Thanks a lot CC, this was by far the best experience in my life, I know now I can take on anything. Thanks fo all the help and friendlyness. See you again soon!

Riaan de Jong, Barberton, South Africa Private Pilot

Learned a lot..... Will come back again. Next time I will try the C210.

Olfert Landt, Berlin, Germany. Private Pilot

An outstanding experience> Thanks CC for teaching me to explore the nether ends of an aircraft performance envelope and putting it to good use. Some of the most stimulating flying that I have ever experienced!!

Justin Lean, Rep of Singapore. Airline Transport Pilot. Singapore Ailines.

Thanks CC for the refresher course. Again it was outstanding. Good Stuff!

Ralf Beitzinger, Germany. Commercial Pilot

Thanks CC for a fantastic course, it was everything I hoped it would be and more. This is by far the best course for general aviation aircraft handling and operations I have ever been on and has been excellent in helping me to return to GA aircraft flying. I hope I can put it all into practice now and I look forward tothe second book. Thanks again!

Arran Beasley, UK.Commercial Pilot

Thanks for the wonderfull display of airmanship and the best toasted sandwiches I have evr tasted! Will be back for sure!

Brent Walker, Zambia. Private Pilot

Flights were awsome. Thanks for the good food and flying in C172 & BN2

Stephan van Straaten, Epe, Netherlands. Commercial Pilot
Best flying, food and stay on an airfield and course ever! Thank you CC!
Quintin Coetzee, Johannesburg, South Africa . Commercial Pilot
Amazing course, learnt more in the 3.5hrs than the last 100hrs of hour building. Thanks CC.
Michael Nielsen, Johannesburg, South Africa. Private Pilot

Best course ever! Now I know how to fly my C206! Course should be compulsory. Thanks CC

Jakes Swanepoel, Newcastle, South Africa . Private Pilot

CC Thanks for the amazing course and intro to the C210. Had an amazing time and I can vouch that the experience and confidence gained is well worth it.

George Sturgeon, Barberton, South Africa . Private Pilot

CC, I didn't know the Seneca IV could fly so slow (44knots IAS) or land soooo short, 170m! "The Rest" airstrip - scary & dry mouth but challenging & doable. Box canyon turn a life saver!

Colin Chapman, Johannesburg, South Africa . Commercial Pilot

CC, Thanks for the amazing course and your amazing spicy food.

Bernardo Almeida, Faro, Portugal . Airline Transport Pilot

I attended CC's bushflying course in 2001. At the time I only had 60 hours. I thought that may be too few hours to gain much from the material we covered, but now with 1000 hours, I still look back on those hours with fondness and respect. You scared me and taught me things I have yet to forget. You can't train anyone to be a bush pilot in a few days, but you can certainly arm them with the necessary skills and, most importantly, open their minds to what is required in terms of mental approach and practice. If you're willing to walk through the doors that CC opens for you, and expand on those paths, then you'll be on your way to being a safer and wiser pilot.

Brad Rock, Taupo, New Zealand. Commercial Pilot

Great training no instructor would have taught me like you did. Learned a lot. Better pilot now. You also made it fun and had fantastic time! Thank you so much.

Tony Karanja, Nairobi, Kenya. Private Pilot

Thanks CC! I learned a lot with you and in an enjoyable way. Your hospitality was wonderful.

Amir Kabbej, Luanda, Angola. Private Pilot

Great experience and great fun and great food! Learned a lot!

Laurent van Nievenhove.Gent, Belgium.Private Pilot

Thanks CC. ALL brilliant!!! Safer- Proficient- Confident. I can work with this.

Erhardt van Rensburg, Winhoek, Namibia. Private Pilot

It was a very good experience and I learned a lot! Thank you!

Thomas Gmach, Germany Private Pilot
...come fly with CC and you will find someone who has mastered his art and from whom one has a lot to learn, a rare character who would be at home in the company of Hemingway.
CC will teach you to 'feel' the aeroplane, stripping away the excessive margins applied by flying clubs, instructors and pilots alike, and in doing so arriving back at the essentials that permit safe and intelligent bush flying. 
Completing the course will not make you a Bush Pilot, but will equip you with the essential skills that will enable you to apply these lessons in order to survive long enough to become one."
Jonny Mutch , UK. Commercial Pilot

This was an experience of a lifetime! Thanks CC. Hope to see you again.

Anze Derlink, Slovenia, EU . Private Pilot

After a remarkable event-rich week at this nice place my flying skills have significantly improved!

Henrik Raush, Germany. Private Pilot

I'm absolutely amaized by the great mix of hospitality atmosphere and CC's 100% professionalism as pilot and instructor. Outstanding experience!

Frank Meywerk, Germany. Private Pilot

CC, you managed to bridge the gap between complete frustration and complete euphoria. Thanks for this unique experience.

Christian Ueberschaer, Bonn, Germany. Private Pilot

Thank you for the valuable training. I definitely feel more comfortable and confident.

Dayne Munro, Vryheit, KZN, South Africa. Commercial Pilot

Really great days, fantastic experience, wish I had come before, will come back again with my son, thanks very much for all you taught me, the nice food, the drinks and a lot of fun and nonsense talk.

Hans Bruinsma, Somerset West, South Africa Private Pilot

Thankyou so much for the lovely hospitality. Did'nt know the plane could do what CC made me make it do!

Richard & Wendy Clark, England. Private Pilot

Thanks for a great course! It was a great experience for both of us. We are more proficient pilots and hope to return soon for a refresher.



Bernd Eisenmann, Freiburg, Germany. Private Pilot

Marc Eisenmann, Freiburg, Germany. Airline Transport Pilot.


Thankyou for everything. I enjoyed every minute of my stay here. The course was a fantastic experience I will never forget.Also I will always remember the great food we had. (Never felt "Hungary").

Roland Berecz, Debreceh, Hungary. Commercial Pilot

Congratulantions CC! You are the best bush pilot and a fantastic instructor (and a good cook). We will come again!!

Alberto Boetti, Noordwiijk, Netherlands. Commercial Pilot

Lovely place to stay. Great bush experience!

Lisa Boetti, Leiden, Netherlands.

Fantastic experience. Every pilot should do this course.

Con McCarthy, Skibberdeen, Cork, Ireland. Private Pilot

Second time here even better that the first. We'll work on coming back.

Martin & Regina Endermann, Leiden, Netherlands . Private Pilot

Thank you very much for your hospitality.... The course was really awsome and now I can say I am more in the middle of the triangle of more Proficient, Safer and Confident. We will come back!

Zorba & Julien Sedlak, Switzerland . Private Pilot

Great experience and great hosts! Thanks!

Roy Cunningham, Auckland, New Zealand . Private Pilot

Fallen deaper in love, awe & respect for flight.

Lance Dutton, Lochvaal , South Africa . Commercial Pilot

Thanks, "This is real in all aspects".

Michal Heyns - Gordons Bay, South Africa . Commercial Pilot
Thanks a million for one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime
Ales Vyhlidal - Prague, Czech Republic . LSA pilot

Great people, great landscapes, great flying. Thanks to CC for making me realise how little I know and how rusty my flying had become. Great lessons I will never forget!

Romain Seiler - Luxembourg . Airline Transport Pilot


What can I say? I am really glad I came to Barberton Airfield. Many thanks to CC who opened new horizons of flying to me. This course should be mandatory to every pilot.

Marc Janz - Luxembourg. Airline Transport Pilot


Thanks a lot for these aeronautical insights and giving me the chance to expand my horizon.

George Ries - Luxembourg Private Pilot


The most fun, thrills and excitement I've had in a long time. Not to mention the great cook. Thanks so much for a wonderful time. I'll be back.

Patrick Tompers - Luxembourg . Airline Transport Pilot. Luxair.


This has been one of the best holidays ever! Thank you so much for your training, the delicious food and 2 unforgettable evenings. Hoping to come back!

Oliver & Cornelia Auer- Tirol, Austria. Private Pilot


This is great fun and a great living experience. Want to do more!

Martin Endelman - Leiden, Netherlands. Private Pilot


Fantastic flying, great fun. Thanks so much!

Nick Greaves - London UK . Commercial Pilot


Thanks again CC for a lovely stay. Can't wait to return. Keep going!!!

Adrian Griffiths - Edenvale Jhb South Africa. Private Pilot



Daan Malherbe - Welkom, South Africa. Private Pilot


Great flying experience and a lot of fun!!! Thank you!!!

JD Potgieter - Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa. Private Pilot


Thanks a lot CC! I had the best flight time and the most amazing landings in my life! Compliments to the teacher!

Michael Schorny - Regelsburg, Germany . Private Pilot


An unbelievable course! A MUST for every pilot. Definately a more proficient & confident pilot now. Thanks for hospitality!

Christof Botha - Parktown North, Jhb, South Africa. Private Pilot


Thank you very much for a great course. I really feel like an improved pilot. Highly recommended!!

Shaun Truelock - Badplaas, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Private Pilot


What a great experience! Thanks for all! Thanks for everything! http://tvnzzshop.ch/downloads/alle/frei-und-einsam-buschpiloten.html

Kurt Wilmer - TV Director, NZZ TV, Switzerland . Crew - Director / Producer


Thank you for an awesome Bush Flying Course, which I really won't forget, fantastic.

Gunter Khol - Cape Town, SA Private Pilot


We had a great time playing bongo & taking pictures. CC forever! & F*ck the FIFA

Sascha Felix - Cameraman - NZZ TV, Zurich, Switzerland . Film Crew - Cameraman


No way to prepare for what you showed me. Amazing. Thanks for everything.

Matthew Goodall - Jhb South Africa. Commercial Pilot


What an experience. Amazing!! Beyond expectations. Thanks . You guys made my weekend.

Brad Reid - Edenvale, Jhb, South Africa. Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor


Thanks CC. Now I know how the world looks upside down. I really enjoyed.

Musa Ndukuya - Nelspruit, South Africa. Commercial Pilot


You are the best. I learnt things I did not know the machine can do.

Joseph Twala - Barberton, South Africa. Commercial Pilot


CC you made a difference in my life. May your legend live a long time!! In life you get 3 types of people: 1. Those who make it happen. 2. Those that wait for things to happen. 3. Those who wake up and say " What the fuck happened". Be like CC and make it happen!

Mike Durrell - Mwanza, Tanzania.


Thanks CC. Amazing. I have learnt so much in two days.The highlight for me was the canyon turn. Great training, great food. Thanks much. I'll be here again!

Steve Jones - Cambridge, UK Private Pilot


A steep learning curve that does not stop. Great flying experience. Thanks CC. A must for every pilot.

Anton Meyer - Grand Central, South Africa

Mark Scott - C182 ZS-JVU, South Africa. Private Pilots


Thanks for broadening our vision & horizons by showing us & teaching us new techniques in flying - real flying!!Thanks also for the intense training on changing main wheel tubes. We will from now always carry a spare and tools.

Wiets Alberts

Johan Horn - Phalaborwa , South Africa . Private Pilots


Thanks for the hospitality and excellent food.You live in a very beautiful place. And a special thanks for training Jan & bringing him back safely! Best of luck for the future!!

Sarie Hattingh - Delmas, South Africa


Thanks CC for a stunning and intense flying course. This is the only way to really experience flying. Thanks for your hospitality and friendship. Compliments to the chef!!!

Jan Hattingh - Delmas, South Africa Private Pilot


This should be prescribed training for all aircraft owners. I have enjoyed it extremely and am sure to apply your techniques into my flying. Thanks!!! Apart from my frustration in breaking some bad habits, your input set me straight. Good luck with new buildings - will be back to visit.

Stefan Solts - Polokwane, South Africa Private Pilot


Very good course and very exciting and a lot of fun!

Alex Berendsen - Netherlands Private Pilot


Thank you CC to make me practice maneuvres which I'd not be allowed to perform in Switzerland.

Olivier Kneuss - Switzerland . Private Pilot


Thank you for all! http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/beitrag/video/1060122/Suedafrikas-waghalsigster-Buschpilot

Tim Lewerth - ZDF TV Germany TV Crew


Never forget about this trip. Flying was a lot of fun. I loved it! Thank you.

Andreas Buhrow - ZDF TV, Germany.TV Crew


I learnt a lot - about life! I met a person I really learned to listen to. A wonderful experience.

Wilfried Schuurbus - ZDF TV, Germany. TV Crew


Great flying and even better filming! Hope I can come back for the next film

Dominik von Eisenhart - Katjusha Films, Jhb, South Africa. TV Crew


Thanks CC. I have learnt a lot and hope to put into practice where I'm flying.

Greg Wandrag - African Parks, Zambia . Commercial Pilot


CC what can I say but a pleasure at long last to meet the "SA Bush Flying Legend". Thank you for bringing me quite a few steps closer to becoming a "real pilot". Thanks a million & see you in Malawi.

Neil Garden - Lake Malawi, Malawi . Private Pilot


Dear CC, Thank you so much for this amazing week! There is so much to gain from your experience - I am sure I will hear your voice in my head whenever I approach a short field: "Watch your speed! Go!" Flying with you definitely makes me a safer, more proficient and confident pilot! Now it's up to me to keep practicing what I was taught by you, when I reach Austria - and I definitley will!! I feel very honoured, that I got that possibility to get to know you CC! All the best. Thanks for a lot of fun!

Erik Pinter - Austria, Europe. Private Pilot


Great course, improving my experience, which will give more safety. Thanks

Werner Erssler - Stuttgart, Germany. Private Pilot


Thanks for all the great stuff you taught me. You have nerves of steel!! Great food and great place too.

Robert Manning - Canada . Commercial Pilot


Many thanks for a great course! I hope to see you up at the Aero Club of East Africa soon! Best wishes

George Carter - Nairobi, Kenya . Private Pilot


A big thank you for your wisdom and skill in the air. I have learned more than a lot and will take it on with me to the future. With great thanks.

Barry du Plessis - Nelspruit, South Africa. Private Pilot


CC Thank you! You're an amazing man in an amazing place with an amazing family. Thank you for opening your home to me so warmly. I look forward to seeing you all again someday. Please visit me in the USA if you get a chance, and we can enjoy more adventures!

Dennis M. Kitchen - Cameraman, Lockport, NY, USA . TV Crew - Cameraman


CC, 10 days that are forever stamped on my brain, especially the smoke in the cockpit and precautionary landing on the road. Start thinking about what trouble we can get into next time! Thanks for everything.

Erik Light - TV Producer, St. Louis, MO, USA . TV Crew -Producer

Thank you for welcoming me into your home! Flying in the African Bush has ALWAYS been my dream! I hope that we can fly together again in the near future! Come to visit us in California anytime. http://sportsgalaerobatics.blogspot.com/2009/12/africa-and-icas.html

Melissa Pemberton - Groveland, California, USA . Commercial Pilot


Great place. I have learned many new things, improved my skills and the course exceeded my expectations. Definitely place to visit again. Thanks for all, happy landings!

Jakub Sramek - Prague, Czech Republic Private Pilot


Keep it going!

Adriaan du Rand - South Afica Private Pilot


I've been in a perfect place at the right time. Honoured to meet a man with a nice personality and so many kind people. Never change. "Anything, Anywhere, Anytime keep the bush spirit". Hope to see all of you soon.

Richard Alpine - Ile de la Reunion Private Pilot


Thank you for your hospitality and all the help you give us. Thank you for the safety of our Bell 206III .

Led Bredenkamp - South Africa Commercial Pilot


As few countries in this hemisphere, South Africa is "un pays d' aviateurs"Like Kimmerling before, uncle "CC" shows us his own way what aviation can be about ...

Guillaume Jesberger - Paris, France Private Pilot


It was really nice to be back again and do some refresher in Bush and Mountain flying here. We leave as more skilled pilots.

Reinhilde Schneider & Jonke Reif - Freiberg, Germany Private Pilots


I wish I had done this course 30 years ago as it would've added much to my airline carrier in terms of airmanship, confidence etc. CC you're a great person. I've had the fun of my life, enjoyed you're place totally, your food and drinks.Found my spirit and original motivation - will leave back for home in Rome a richer man. Thanks

Claudio Di Cicco - Rome, Italy . Airline Transport Pilot. Alitalia.


Dear CC, Adventures Anytime Anywhere suits you well. We had a good time and your course proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Before this training I was not prepared to fly below the white arc. The mountain flying was scary at first but after the first turn I realized that we are not going to crash into the side of the mountain. Getting to know your aircraft is like getting to know your partner. It is dangerous if you don't know where the limits are. Thanks for your hospitality and good food. The drinks and jacuzzi helped calm the nerves at night and it was wonderful to wake up in the bush, fresh each morning with a variety of bird songs. God bless.

Willie van der Walt - Phalaborwa, South Africa Private Pilot


Thanks CC for all you taught me and your generous hospitality. It was fantastic.

Thomas Rebok - Cape Town, South Africa. Commercial Pilot


This is a must. They must make this part of your PPL. Nice place. Best flying I've had in a very long time. Thank you CC.

Koekies Koekemoer - Phalaborwa, South Africa Private Pilot


Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you CC! It was loads of fun and I've learnt so much! Appreciate everything! What an experience!

Michele Demetriou - Alberton, South Africa Private Pilot


Awesome experience. Will definitely be going back home a more confident & safer pilot. Flying in formation with the chopper was also a first!

Jade Larter - Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Commercial Pilot


New perspective on flying! Hospitality and food top notch. Come visit Fynbos! The runway is sufficient for you!

Eugene du Rand - Western Cape, South Africa Private Pilot


Thank you! Good writing!

Clive Langmead - United Kingdom Private Pilot


Finally!! Practical Flying! Thanks for your patience in retraining what was taught to me. Can't wait to do refresher!

Adrian Griffiths - Edenvale, South Africa Private Pilot


The course was both instructional and entertaining, while above all else practical. A great learning experience.

Ronnie Isaacs - Northlands, Jhb, South Africa Private Pilot


Fantastic course. I've learned great new things with regards to flying. I will be back for new stuff.

Fernando Macedo - Maputo. Mozambique Commercial Pilot


Great course. I learned a lot. Thanks CC

Eric Rossouw - Midrand, Jhb, South Africa. Commercial pilot & Flight Instructor


Awesome course! Learned a huge amount about our airplane and gained a great deal of confidence.

Chris & John Shaw - Fairlands, Jhb, South Africa Private Pilot


Great course, great experience. Above my expectations, my objectives reached, thank you CC

Steven Jacobs - Shelley Beach, South Africa


Thank you so much! I have a lot more self control and my landings are a lot better (Food was great!) Great experience.

Laetitia de Jager - Boksburg, South Africa Private Pilot


Huge appreciation to you for sharing with us life saving skills. Fantastic time.

Brian Appleton - Parklands, Jhb, South Africa


The most beneficial and practical bit of flight training that I have ever had the priviledge to undergo. Many thanks!!!

Ralph Huswitz - Jhb, South Africa


You were cool, you were very smooth, and I had a lot of fun (3 rules of flying)

Tom Goddard - Ferndale, Jhb, South Africa Airline Transport Pilot


I consider it a must for all kind of pilots!! Great learning experience. Thank you CC.

Ricardo de Loosero - Lisbon,Portugal Airline Transport Pilot


It's going to take more than a few cool beers to get my pulse down to normal. Thanks for some unforgettable experiences. I'll send my pilot friends.

Duncan Maxwell - Switzerland Private Pilot


Great course - learned a lot. Excellent experience. Thank you.

Henry Keyter - Vereeniging, South Africa


Don't know where to begin to say thanks for the brilliant weekend. We had a marvellous time. The chilli sauce was the total best. Thanks for the excellent time with you. We will come back for learning more. We had a wonderful time with the drums. Please come and visit us! Enough space in Vaalwater for you!

Derek & Janadre Jordaan - Rustenburg, South Africa

Francois & Janet Duvenhage - Vaalwater . Private Pilots


Thanks for the stay and the great experience. We enjoyed!

Peter Matthys - Netherlands


Never knew a plane could fly at zero indicated!!! Thanks for opening up new horizons, or should I say valleys. Great intensive experience. Thanks!

Kobus van Wyk & Elizabeth du Plessis - Middelburg, South Africa. Private Pilot


A great experience, Very demanding, but definitely improved my skills and confidence.

Charlie van Vegeren - Hectorspruit, South Africa. Private Pilot


Thank you CC for an amazing time. Nerves a bit shot but learnt sooo much.

Michael Klimke - Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Private Pilot


Lots of value and unusual flying experiences - critical to safe operations in bush strips and away from civilisation - awesome! Thanks CC

David R. Dunkley - Oaklands, Jhb, South Africa.


What an amazing course! Now I know I am a safer and better pilot!

Casper Swanepoel - Stellenbosch, Cape, South Africa. Commercial Pilot


Thanks CC. Fantastic course. Took me way out of my comfort zone, certainly will improve my flying.

Marten Perm - Kensington, Jhb, South Africa


Amazing course. learnt a lot of life saving techniques. Highly recommended!

Neil Jordaan - Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa


Very, very informative and great skills. Thank you CC. saflyer-bpc.htm

Guy Leitch - Editor, SA Flyer Magazine, South Africa, Private Pilot


Amazing training, felt like a super action hero...keep on rocking!

David Noli - Bernats Ticino -MI-


Great course - met all expectations. Skill level was tested and I leave a safer more confident pilot. Thanks

Craig MacMurray - Morningside, Johannesburg, South Africa


Thanks for everything. I am 100% more proficient & aware, pleasant course.

Johan Coetzee - South Africa


Great grub!!! Thanks for the flying.

Henk Stander - South Africa


CC, this has been the experience of a lifetime! Thank you for amazing flying & food. This has been the best few hours of flying I have ever done! You are hands down one of the best instructors in the country! I am now a much safer, more confident & proficient pilot!!!

Gerhardt Schwarzer - George, South Africa


CC, thank you. I am so glad I came. Not only have I had an adventure, I feel completely comfortable here. You live in a piece of paradise, & my flying skills have been seriously honed here. Thank you!

Telani Lithgow - Richards bay, South Africa. Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor


CC, as always the perfect host. This was an experience of note with life saving benefits. Wow! Isn't enough. C u soon again.

Charlie Lundall - Pretoria, South Africa. Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor


Simply fantastic - good food, good company & the best flying I have ever done - amazing improvement in skills & knowledge in such a short time!

Tony Crilly - Camberley, Surrey, UK . Commercial Pilot


Learnt way more than expected and can only make you a safer pilot.

Mike Keele - Midrand, South Africa.


Great course!! Learned a lot in two days. I'm glad it worked out in the end. Everyone should get such training.

Marcel van Shugven - Ethiopia. Airline Transport Pilot


Just love your facilities!! Thanks for passing on some of your knowledge. It's been fun & a super experience.

Roelf van der Merwe - Bethal, South Africa. Private Pilot


Mind blowing flying. Being taught by the best was sensational. Great hospitality. Hopefully back next year for brush up. Good luck with the rules.

Mark Semer - NSW, Australia . Airline Transport Pilot


Wonderful to be taught by an expert in his field!

John & Mari Golding - Private Pilot


What can I say differently to the comments above?! This course is about three things - all of them great - hospitality, food and flying! Feeling good now...thanks!

Falk Grossmann - Juba, South-Sudan. Commercial Pilot


The most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.

Eric Dixon - Nelspruit, South Africa. Private Pilot


The only thing that was better than the food was the flying. Learnt stax! Thanks CC.

Dennis Venter - Minyama, Australia. Private Pilot


An excellent experience and good flying & to the cook - CC

Anton Wheeler & Cobus Enslin - Rustenburg, South Africa. Private Pilot


CC, thank you! All pasionate pilots must do this course. Now I know my plane and my own capabilities. Best real world training in my aviation history ever.

Derick Lategan - Pretoria, South Africa. Private Pilot


Great venue, facilities, food, personalities & most important of all course content & flying experience - much more confident pilot!!

Wayne Kluckow - Pretoria, South Africa. Commercial Pilot


Thanks for an awesome bush flying experience! Best of luck for the future.

Kert McZeely - Melbourne, Australia . Commercial Pilot


The best fun and flying I have had in years.

John Churchward - RAF Flying Club, UK . Commercial Pilot


Thanks a lot for the great time I've had at Barberton Airfield. This was a perfect training for our trip. Had a lot of fun. In addition to the exciting flight training you did a perfect cooking job. Keep going and maybe we will be back for another training session.

Reinhilde Schneider & Sonhe Reif - Freiburg, Germany. Private Pilot


Thanks so much for the hospitality - our first African "braai" - and of course the flying. Hope to be back for the full course!!

James & Kate Reynolds - UK . Royal Airforce Pilot


Experience of a lifetime! We'll all remember for ever: your flying skills, your cooking, your hospitality and this dream place. You're a real and sane personality. Keep going. All the best.

Jean Noel - France. Airline Transport Pilot


Many thanks for the course. I landed at Pietermaritzburg and had to taxi to the turnoff, the same one I used to land about 100m past! Flew to Mbazwana yesterday, inspected the airstrip, selected a landing spot and got very damn close, stopping in under 150m. Last week I would not have even gone to Mbazwana. Best bit of aviation training I have done to date. Many thanks, and all the best for the future.

Rob Sandys , Pietermaritzburg, South Africa Private Pilot


Thank you very much for all! It's very nice! Kiss

Sebastien - France. Guest


Thanks for all! Merci pour cet endroit merveilleux, "un petit paradis african" qui nous a fait rever ... Qui a rejouit noscoeurs, nos esprits et ... nos estomacs!! Bien affectrueument.

Nathalie - France. Guest


Great flying, great food, great fun!!! Thanx CC

Dean Stander - Pretoria, South Africa. Commercial Pilot


Thanks for everything CC! Great fun, flying and photos!

Matt Furman - Private Air, New York, USA . Photographer


Thanks for your generosity CC, and all the great talk and better flying.

Scott Eden - Private Air, New York, USA . Journalist


Thanks for the time of my life! Had a great time here flying and the hospitality. Keep flying!!!

Jacques Pienaar, Hartebeespoort, South Africa. Commercial Pilot


What a lovely place you have got here!! Great hospitality and the flying was excellent. Thanks CC and Shirley

Wichardt Olivier - Pretoria, South Africa. Commercial Pilot


What an amazing trip! Thanks for the life saving lessons! Will definitely be back for more...Thanx for your hospitality CC and Shirley!!!

Stefan Potgieter - Pretoria, South Africa. Commercial Pilot


Absolutely awesome! Flying was amazing, Bush Flying Course excellent! Southern Africa Trip - nothing like it! Thanks CC and Shirley for everything!

Garth Greyling & Tanja Schirmacher - Germany . Commercial Pilot


Beautiful surroundings. Feels like home, will definitely be back. Thank you

Johann Enslin - Kroonstad, South Africa. Commercial Pilot


Thanks a million for a great course, superb hospitality and I look forward to coming back. http://www.skyfever.com

Brendon M o'Brien - Skyfever, UK . Airline Transport Pilot & Examiner
Foot note: Courses started in 2003 however the guest book and testimonials only started in January 2008 (5 years later). Apx. 425 pilots have made public testimonials so far.

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